Application integration

A high level of information system integration is the foundation of a successful business. Systems must collaborate and provide users with optimal information. In you decide to use our applications, Fiduro can set up the preparation of data and its exchange among connected applications.

Comprehensive business management with a set of applications

Integrated applications
Integrated applications

Connection of applications (application integration) enables a comprehensive overview of dispersed business application inside the enterprise and beyond. Application integration allows the integration of systems and applications into a single system that facilitates simpler and more automated business processes. The purpose of a comprehensive system is to provide users with unlimited joint use of data and business processes by any integrated application or data source in the enterprise.

Application integration includes:

  • Data integration;
  • Information integration;
  • Data storage;
  • Data preparation;
  • Adjustments.

Points of Interest

The applications developed for Amlyn pharmaceutical in the environment came available in one eighth or one tenth of a period that would have been necessary had they been developed in-house.