Business opportunities may arise at any place and at and time.
Leave it to us to ensure that you will be able to seize them the way you want to. Do it on the web.

Fiduro develops and provides a number of software applications, portals and websites.

Doing business on the web anywhere and anytime

Cloud computing is the future. Cutting expenses and boosting functionality development lead to moving strategically less important applications into a cloud. This lowers the cost of maintenance and development while making use of global know-how and solutions.

A variety of basic applications and contents in a cloud
A variety of basic applications and contents in a cloud

Special customised web applications adapted to the company’s business processes give you a head start on your competition and keeps you ahead in the areas of developments and market presence, which helps achieve better business and financial results.

Fiduro expertise is focused primarily on medicine (development of the fMedic product line) and catering (development of fCatering, a system that handles taking orders, staff and inventory organisation, kitchen management, keeping records of drinks and food, etc.).

Points of Interest

According to the RIS research, 60% of surveyed users have a profile in at least one of the numerous social networks. The young are the predominant group, particularly those between 16 and 25 years of age (75%).