Backups – archiving

Archives and backups must be made regularly to prevent frustrating data loss and spending time on data restoration.

Server backups

All our server configurations include multiple backups.

The first type is hard disk cloning. All data is written on multiple disks simultaneously. If one of the disks fails, data remains accessible. When the failed hard disk is replaced, all data is copied to the new disk without having to first shut down the server.

The second type of backups is data imaging several times per day. Every “image” provides several days of data history. If a document has been created a week ago, revised and saved, then deleted by mistake, the “data image" makes it possible to use the image and copy the version saved the day before, two days ago or the one saved even earlier.

Additional backups in a different location

Additional backups in a different location
Additional backups in a different location

In the event of a natural disaster (such as floods, fires or earthquakes) or physical theft any local backups are of no use, because they can be destroyed or stolen together with the originals. Fiduro therefore advises customers to have regular backups stored in a different location.

Data is usually coded and transferred over the internet at night when there is less traffic so as not to burden the internet connection during working hours. Whether data is copied once per week or more often depends on the configuration. Usually, only changes to files made after the previous copying are copied, which makes the copying process very fast.

Fiduro stores data on a redundant array of independent disks of a professional IBM system in a safe and air-conditioned room. This makes your data doubly protected and safe.

Additional archives

Backups to external media (USB flash drives, CD/DVD media, external disk drives, etc.) can help further boost your data security. If you decide not to store your backup archive in a server or in a different location, Fiduro can provide additional backups on external media at every visit to your premises.

Points of Interest

15% of laptops are stolen or suffer hard disk damage. If you keep a copy of all data, you can prevent further problems.